The Day of Love?


Friday is Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark holiday of extravagance or the anniversary of a bunch of Chicago mobsters murdering each other; it depends on where you fall on the spectrum of opinions of St. Valentine’s Day.

Some people cherish the day as one of romantic gestures, and are maddened when the gestures are not as romantic as they imaged (or when there is no gesture made by their significant other).  Some people feel like they don’t want to really celebrate away from home because of the crowds or they “don’t really get into Valentine’s Day” (this probably means that they secretly do care about the romantic gestures—hint hint).

Personally, this is hell week, which means my uterus is trying to kill me via PMS, so I am perfectly content with a box of donuts and sweatpants.  And my significant other couldn’t care less about the holiday so it’s the best of both worlds for us.  We won’t be perusing the internet for the “Best places for Valentine’s Day” or “Top # of Valentine’s Date ideas”.  That’s right internet, we don’t need you!

I would like to point out that it’s silly to celebrate love and caring and relationships (no matter what kind) one day a year.  If someone really is special to you, you shouldn’t wait for a “special” occasion one day a year to show them.  Instead of making a huge, expensive gesture one day a year, why not spend the entire year making continuous efforts to make someone feel loved and special?  That’s what love is about.