Another Day at the Gym


This is phone man.

Whenever you are a member of a gym, you generally expect to see weird things.  There are always the guys spending more time ogling themselves in the mirrors than actually lifting; the girls trying to be cute while with a guy or trainer; the girls who are tougher than the guys and care about their workout more than the mirror; and of course the guys who bring their moms.

You heard that right.  There is a high school aged guy (at least he looks that young) who brings his mother to the gym with him.  She stands behind him while he presses (not that she could hold the weights if he needed her to) and encourages him while he yells at her to back off.  Sounds like a strange mother/son or coach/athlete relationship?  Yeah, I can’t help but stare at them.

It’s one thing to go to the gym together to help motivate each other, but the mother has never exercised in any way, any time that I’ve seen her at the gym.  She has this protective look, like “Don’t look at my beautiful son!” while he looks around at girls like “Hey baby, wanna see how much I can lift?”  He also yells and spits air while he lifts.

Another strange behavior I’ve seen at the gym is the not-quite middle-aged man who is always on his cell phone.  He’ll sit on workout equipment or in the stretching area, but I’ve never seen him workout.   I like using one of the group class studios for stretching when it’s not in use because it’s quiet and relaxing.  Of course when this guy comes in though, he sits directly in front of the mirror (seriously, like if he sneezed he’d bash his head against the mirror) and starts making calls.

The most notable call was to his cable company, a conversation he started by saying “Yes I’m so-and-so and pull up my file so you can see what I last called you about so I don’t have to repeat myself.  Refresh your memory”.  I kid you not.  Then he talked about how many times he’s called to complain and blah blah blah.  I was like dude, shut up.  I’m trying to finish my workout over here.  He didn’t pay attention to my telepathic messages though and dirty looks because he was too busy playing with his long mane of hair and sitting cross legged on an exercise ball.

I understand the importance of multitasking in this busy world, but why is the gym the only place you can make those calls?  And why does that other guy have to bring his mom with him to make himself feel good?  To each his own I guess.